Lily of the valley blooming on RATIA-sheets

The national flower of Finland, lily of the valley, is blooming now on the fabric. The print of the flower designed by Eeva Mela is enlivening new RATIA duvet covers. High quality & 100% cotton duvet covers are sold in web at Ratiashop www.ratiashop.com.

"Our national flower, the enchanting lily of the valley, is one of the most beautiful flowers in our nature. The delicate and smelling bellflowers are noding, hidden by leaves, forshadowing summer. The beauty and the smell of the flower is speaking to us a year after year. Now when Finland is celebrating the 100 years of indepence I find it amazing to see my design, KIELO (lily of the valley in Finnish), printed on fabric." -Eeva Mela

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RISTOMATTI RATIA and HelsinkiMissio made a rose

HelsinkiMissio asked Ratia Brand Company to join the forces in the fight against loneliness. Loneliness is one of the biggest problems of today. Ratia Brand Company is taking part into the fight against loneliness by designingthe new rose. HelsinkiMissio-rose gives a new form to the classic gift, the traditional real rose. The rose is made of paper and printed with sentences of compassion in Finnish, Swedish and English.

HelsinkiMissio-rose can be given in several occassions like graduations, birthdays and when visiting someone. The rose can also be sended in box as a letter or a romantic message. The rose is ideal also for allergetic people and use in hospitals. The rose remains as a memory of a good act.

The rose is designed by Eeva Mela and it is for sale in HelsinkiMissio and Ratiashop.

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New RISTOMATTI RATIA -keepcups at R-kioski

The family of RISTOMATTI RATIA products has enlarged by two fresh new keepcups. The keepcups are decorated by SNOWBALL and BEACH STONE prints designed by Eeva Mela. The refreshments stay both hot and cold in the elegant mugs. The keepcups are available at R-kiosksis in Finland.


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New estival Ristomatti Ratia deresses designed by Eeva Mela have arrived on the market. Classic & elegant tricot dresses are breezy and easy to wear. Some models go well all over the year. The hem of the dress changes from short to maxi. The dresses are printed by fresh and grafical patterns designed by Eeva Mela. Also the maxi stripe is included. The material used is 100% cotton and 50/50% cotton/modal. The dresses are manufactured in EU and they are available in ratiashop.com.


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Respecting the final journey - RISTOMATTI RATIA´s new VENHO coffin

Ratia Brand Co Oy and SHT-Tukku Oy have launched a new coffin VENHO in Helsinki 16 November 2014.

The shape of Venho was designed by two both sea and archipelago loving designers Ristomatti Ratia and Eeva Mela. The new coffin combines rustic and beatiful nature, storming ocean but at the same the calmness and finality of final journey.


New RISTOMATTI RATIA eyeglass collection

Ristomatti Ratia has designed a fresh new eyeglass and sunglass collection under his name. New collection is available in Optiplus stores in Finland. The collection reflects the values of "Ratia Lifestyle" - relaxed elegange, function and quality.

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RISTOMATTI RATIA enters into collaboration with LAMETEK

Ristomatti Ratia has widened his repertoire to garage doors and designed new SOLIDE and STRIPE garage doors for Finnish LAMETEK.

" A garage door is visually very important and it is one of the first things that you see when entering a yard. That is why I wanted to design new garage door collection".

Stylish and functional Ristomatti Ratia 's garage door completes the look and highlights the essence of a house.



RISTOMATTI RATIA's new ULAPPA linen collection - Reward Stamp Campaign in Siwa and Valintatalo stores 28 May -31 August 2014

Collect Ristomatti Ratia's new and fresh Ulappa linen collection while shopping at your local Siwa store or Valintatalo store!

  • The reward stamp campaign prices are valid until 10 September 2014.
  • Your discount is 50 %.
  • You may collect reward stamps and buy the products from all Siwa and Valintotalo stores in Finland.
  • Start collecting now!
  • Reward stamps are not given when buying from Veikkaus, Matkahuolto on other nearby services.
Find out more: Suomen Lähikauppa Oy


RISTOMATTI RATIA and Black Moda Oy launchig together RISTOMATTI RATIA E.I.R.A. -leather bag collection

Ratia Brand Co Oy and Black Moda Oy have launched a new RISTOMATTI RATIA E.I.R.A. bag collection designed by Eeva Mela. The bags are made of genuine leather. The collection consists of six different models.

RISTOMATTI RATIA E.I.R.A. bags reflect good quality and timeless elegance. The bags are manufactured by Black Moda oy in Portugal.


Black Moda Oy



RISTOMATTI RATIA enters into collaboration with VM-Carpet Oy

Ristomatti Ratia and Eeva Mela have designed an elegant collection of rugs for VM-Carpet Oy. The collection reflects clarity, naturalness and simplicity.

"The rug must not control the space, it should support the interior and bring ambiance and order." -emphasizes Designer Ristomatti Ratia.

RISTOMATTI RATIA -collection is including four models.

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VM-Carpet Oy


RISTOMATTI RATIA enters into collaboration with Designhouse TopCanis Oy

Eeva Mela and Ristomatti Ratia have designed a collection of dog´s accessories for Designhouse TopCanis Oy. The collection called GRAFICO DOG INTERNATIONAL consists of jackets, pants and various accessories for dogs. The collection will be launched at Stockmann in Helsinki on November 14th 2011.

Open the catalog here

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Designhouse TopCanis Oy


RISTOMATTI RATIA & Pohjanmaan Kaluste Oy launching new collection of furniture

Pohjanmaan Kaluste Oy is one of the most developping companines in the Finnish furnishing industry. In 2010 the company maybe was the first one in the wolrd to launch a sofa collection based on sustainable development. The matherials for LUONTO products have been chosen to burden the nature as less as possible. Now LUONTO collection will get new items of sofa tables and storage furnture.

"In the RISTOMATTI RATIA LUONTO collection I wanted to create a beautiful dialogue between linen and wood. Also I paid attention to storage questions." designer Ristomatti Ratia says.

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