The spectrum of RISTOMATTI RATIA products is broad. Many of the products are modern classics, instantly recognizable, and still in production. Through the years Ristomatti has designed numerous products, including stoves for sauna and jewelry, bathrobes and bags, in addition to towels and boots. The list is long and there is no end in sight, new products arrive each year.

Interior architecture serves often as the starting point for Ristomatti's designs. It is the field where Ratia feels most at home. Finnish nature and the Finnish archipelago are also very important to Ratia and a source of inspiration.

Their feel is ever present in Ratia Lifestyle, and also manifest themselves in the quality of design, fresh ambience and relaxed elegance. “Ratia Lifestyle is akin to a compass needle. There are minute oscillations, but in the end it helps in pointing me in the right direction”, Ratia muses.


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